Leverage the power of “3Cs” to amplify ROI from all marketing activations

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January 31, 2020, 12:04 PM UTC

Collaboration, consistency and compliance can help marketers drive time and cost efficiencies.

Implementing marketing technology can enhance content production, but the management of that content is often siloed by departments, channels and platforms. Departmental siloes can lead to duplication of efforts and make it difficult for marketers to track compliance.

This piece argues marketers should leverage the power of “3Cs” to achieve the full potential of Martech investments. Enabling collaboration and transparent data sharing across teams can help brands reduce duplication of efforts and improve overall efficiency.

Ensuring consistency at all touchpoints can not only help businesses drive brand recognition, customer trust and sales performance but also amplify ROI on other marketing activities. The author contends that ensuring the content’s compliance with both the brand and the legal frameworks from the beginning can help marketers manage reputational risk effectively.

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