Create personal and immersive experiential marketing events

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February 06, 2020, 2:14 AM UTC

To attract “ever-diminishing” consumer attention, invest in staging and the authenticity of corporate social responsibility efforts, among others.

This article shares experiential marketing trends that brands must be mindful of. Marketers will need to make experiential feel personal as well. Opportunities that let attendees be active participants can make experiences feel personal and immersive.

These spaces can be common or exhibit areas. This helps deepen attachment and boost social sharing.  Companies will be expected to maintain “CSR integrity”. Choose a cause that goes beyond surface-level “feel good” moments to create effective CSR programs. These programs must be aligned with the company’s core values.

The piece highlights the role of staging in experiential marketing. Considering that standard staging is being tuned out by consumers at events, companies must “go the extra mile in crafting a stage presentation”. Incorporating “style” and “substance” are recommended.

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