Brands can spot fake influencers by checking their follower to engagement ratio

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February 07, 2020, 8:48 AM UTC

Fake influencers often have made-up names and their account handles have a lot of numbers.

This article states fake influencers, often bots or even real people, purchase likes and followers to increase engagement artificially. Marketers can easily spot them by looking at their followers' list. The author recommends checking their follower to engagement ratio.

Marketers should watch for simple responses like emojis or comments like “awesome” to spot fake influencers. Another way brands can determine the legitimacy of an influencer account is by asking them to provide screenshots of their audience insights.

Asking for statistics like reach and impressions through screenshots can help brands sift real influencers from fake ones. Benchmark engagement rates are around 4% to 8%. Marketers must seek for references from previous brands an influencer has worked with to ensure they’re genuine.

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