Use agile marketing to focus on high-value initiatives

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February 11, 2020, 1:41 AM UTC

Agile marketing is useful in cutting out the noise that doesn’t contribute towards achieving business results.

This article suggests ways in which agile marketing can help keep marketing initiatives focused and reduce low-value work while improving overall output. Agile marketing pushes teams to have a conversation about what their highest priority is.

The piece recommends putting requests in a single ordered list to give teams an easy way to see what’s expected of them. Tools such as Trello and Monday can help with this. Further, a single “owner” of prioritisation decisions must be identified and empowered.

Teams must have a clear idea of what the business values the most. Agile marketing can help businesses “cut out the noise” and low-value distractions. This means teams are free to spend more time, effort and energy towards achieving real business results.   

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