Using emojis in Instagram posts can boost engagement rate by 48%

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March 09, 2020, 4:25 AM GMT+0

57% of Facebook posts drive more likes if they have emojis in them.

This article shares that 92% of people used, and or regularly use emojis in their messaging. Using emojis can enhance connection with the audience and improve consumer response. The article shares data to support the importance of emojis in social media marketing.

57% of Facebook posts get more likes and 33% drive shares and comments if they contain emojis in them. Emojis could also increase engagement rate by 48% on Instagram. 25% of tweets with emojis see increased engagement.

Businesses must consider their audience and use emojis that could be most relevant to them. The author cautions that not every brand message may need emojis. Creating personalised emojis for an event, product launch or a campaign can make a huge impact.

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