Plan and redesign in-store shopping experiences as part of pre-visit planning

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July 03, 2020, 8:03 AM GMT+0

Retail memberships like discounted services can encourage long-term consumer commitments.

This piece suggests digital-first strategies retailers and brands can implement to ensure consumer safety and build relationships and loyalty in a disruptive environment. Check-in with consumers via virtual channels to redesign shopping experiences and ease their fears and anxieties about in-store shopping.

Creating supportive and inclusive virtual communities can help brands connect consumers with like-minded people and build customer relationships around their lifestyles and goals. Developing responsive payment, delivery, promotional and operational models is recommended to effectively engage consumers.

Offer on-demand assistance and invest in customer support services like chat to help them get acquainted with newly purchased products and nurture long-term relationships. With “consumer-creators” looking for new ways to engage with brands, lending social media real estate for consumers to share content can help enhance engagement.

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