Winning the moment: An analysis of beer brands using YouGov's Connected Data

September 01, 2020, 8:08 PM UTC

One of the keys to growing a brand’s penetration and usage is being salient in the minds of category users across consumption occasions. YouGov regularly captures category occasions and use cases across dozens of sectors. By connecting the data, we are able to provide a reasonable picture of what matters most (size of occasion), and where brands perform better or worse among people that claim to drink at that occasion.

YouGov’s report investigates: 

  • The beer category
  • Brands within it
  • Key occasions for drinking alcohol, both in and out of home
  • And more 

We provide a roadmap for brands on which occasions to focus on and what competitors are also in consumers’ minds. This also can change over time, notably as adjacent categories such as seltzers, wine, spirits, and more move into space occupied by beer. Periodic tracking of these shifts is crucial to knowing where to aim strategies and tactics.

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