Users can now save audio, share audio pages and search for music on Instagram Reels

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October 09, 2020, 7:15 AM GMT+0

Instagram is rolling out new audio features for Reels to help engage users in the music-related trends.

Facebook-owned Instagram has updated Reels with new audio features, to match TikTok usage trends. With the new update, Instagram users can save sounds in-app to use them later in their own Reel clips.

The Share Audio Pages feature will allow users to share collections of Reels that use a common audio piece via direct messaging. Also launched is a feature that will enable users to search for sounds and music along with Reels clips that use them.

Further, the integration of Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger would make it easier for users to share popular content trends in both apps. As part of the monetisation strategy, Reels would also allow users to tag products in their clips soon.

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