72% of popular thumbnails on YouTube feature a human face, and attract more views

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November 04, 2020, 1:03 AM GMT+0

A recent report by Best SEO Companies reveals that thumbnails for home and living videos often featured sadness.

The report found that thumbnail images for popular YouTube videos were often colourful, featured human faces and included texts. 72% of the 740 YouTube videos studied, featured a human face, and 88% were colourful.

Thumbnail images featuring video stills on an average had 1.7 million views than those with illustrations (1.4 million). However, thumbnails that featured sad emotions had the highest average number of views at 2.3 million. Thumbnails featuring joy and humour had 1.5 million views on average.

Of the categories, news videos (17%), movies or TV (14%) and home and living (14%) made most of the popular videos on YouTube. News-related thumbnails with negative emotions, like anger, contempt, disgust or fear had 782K views.

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