Building trust prioritised amid COVID-19

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February 17, 2021, 3:46 AM GMT+0

Iterable's survey of 500 US and UK B2C marketers revealed that marketers looked for more initiatives from their companies on social issues.

Brand trustworthiness became significant, as social unrest and consumer uncertainties spread amid COVID-19. The report found that 91% of brand marketers will continue focusing on trust-building strategies they developed in 2020, as the pandemic restructured key marketing aspects.

Further, empathetic thoughts and social outreach awareness will likely remain, as 87% reported changing approaches to build trust more effectively. Considering issues like racism, police violence and health crisis, one-quarter of marketers said a shift towards more crisis-driven communication is needed.

Though 83% of marketers remain neutral on politics, 51% said their companies are not taking enough initiatives for social causes. 24% marketers emphasised empathetic marketing in 2020 and 23% reported a more sales-driven outreach. 79% plan to continue messaging about social issues in 2021.

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