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March 03, 2021, 5:11 AM GMT+0

Keyword analysis helps companies create and rank content that aligns with marketing campaigns and business objectives.

Performing keyword research across multiple data sources and assessing search volumes from the COVID-19 lockdowns can help brands adapt to changing search trends. For example, searches around games and quizzes, physical exercises, baking and opening times increased and decreased, as the lockdowns progressed.

Analysing keyword data related to the brand from search engines like Google can help marketers understand user’s search intent. Further, auditing content resources enables marketers to find similar or relevant content and further optimise or expand them, while avoiding keyword cannibalisation.

Creating relatable content can help brands be consistently relevant amid changing search trends and benefit from the traffic surges. Ensure the keyword optimisation doesn’t impact the performance of other keywords and incorporate new content via internal links to improve site navigation.

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