Leverage intent data to boost sales

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March 04, 2021, 4:47 AM GMT+0

Intent data can provide brands with valuable insights into their audience’s priorities and enhance sales outreach. 

Incorporating intent data tool with marketing and sales process tech stacks helps boost efficiency in the marketing funnel. Intent data collected from non-brand channels is third-party information that provides insights about buyer’s research and their intent to purchase.

Brands must be clear about their data sources, to have quality and actionable intent data. Obtain third-party data to learn what topics prospects are researching and use the data signals to target leads or accounts that are looking for solutions close to your brand’s.

Though intent data hasn't yet evolved or matured to its full potential yet, standardising it across channels will help marketers turn it into actionable information. Solutions like Salesforce and easy-to-read dashboards can help brands capture, deliver and report intent data in a more standardised manner.

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