Digital is the future of research

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March 08, 2021, 4:57 PM GMT+0

Online research channels provide access to audiences, which are otherwise impossible to reach via offline channels.

The digital research method can help researchers reach out to people who are difficult to reach via traditional channels, like single mothers. It also enables researchers to connect with more people in a shorter period in more difficult-to-reach locations.

Unlike traditional research methods, online channels allow researchers to connect with participants at a deeper, more personal level as participants can talk from their homes' comfort. Technology can further make it easier for companies to create transcripts, organise answers and automate video clips.

Moving forward, technological advancements like 5G connectivity can also make it easier for researchers to conduct qualitative research in real-time. Technological advances can further help researchers automate analysis while also allowing researchers to take a personalised and empathy-driven approach for a diverse and more equitable experience.

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