Optimise on-page SEO to boost rankings

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March 11, 2021, 3:44 PM GMT+0

With Google updating its ranking algorithm continually, companies must regularly audit their on-page SEO to maintain consistent rankings. 

Marketers should regularly review web page URLs, images, page loading speed, internal and external links, and content to optimise on-page SEO. Using short and concise URLs - instead of having long and complex ones - can boost click-through rates and improve rankings. 

Adding alt text to all their images can make sure search engine crawlers index their images and make the website more accessible. However, companies should ideally compress each image and ensure images are less than 70 KB to improve page-loading.

Creating long-form, in-depth and comprehensive content can further help marketers enhance search rankings. But, brands should also make sure their on-page optimisation closely aligns with the site UX. 

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