Use brand kits for consistency

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March 15, 2021, 10:27 AM GMT+0

Creating a brand kit with colours, fonts, and logos helps create Stories with consistent branding on social media platforms.

Using storyboards or templates to create personalised content and converting images to videos with tools like Openstories can help marketers attract prospects. Adding text to still images can further help marketers convey the brand message and stop users from scrolling past the post.

Crafting engaging visual posts can help create scroll-stopping social media marketing campaigns. Marketers would do well to add motion to still images -like GIFs playing in a loop - with tools like Motionleap to attract audiences to their post and boost engagement.

With most Facebook and Instagram users watching videos without audio, brands must also add subtitles to their videos and leverage features like carousels to augment interaction. They should also explore Livestreaming for product launches, hosting webinars and consequently driving sales.

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