Align precision and persuasion marketing

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March 18, 2021, 4:59 AM GMT+0

Combining performance marketing and creative processes can help companies amplify their advertising capabilities.

While persuasion marketing addresses the emotional needs of audiences, precision marketing is focused on the functional and transactional needs of consumers like purchasing options. Aligning brand and performance marketing metrics, messages, objectives and strategies, can help marketers address all emotional, functional and transactional needs of their consumers.

This further allows brands to connect the upper and lower sales funnel. Developing a frictionless purchasing process can help companies satisfy their consumers’ transactional requirements. Addressing consumers’ emotions towards society, culture, and brands, allows marketers to build long-lasting relationships.

Simultaneously, businesses must factor-in consumers’ rational preferences such as likes, dislikes, product use cases, while creating marketing campaigns. The combination of persuasion and precision marketing can help marketers rethink the discover, explore and buy phases of consumer lifecycle and shorten their journey.

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