Focus on people-centred messaging

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March 19, 2021, 4:14 PM GMT+0

To improve conversion rates in 2021, B2B companies should adopt an authentic, consumer-focused and conversational messaging strategy.

With COVID-19 disrupting people’s lifestyle, B2B companies need to understand the shift in consumer behaviour, needs and preferences. Marketers can effectively target B2B buyers by creating a people-centred messaging strategy that addresses consumers’ pain points early.

Companies should also make sure their messaging strategy is reflected across all branded content, from newsletters to whitepapers and blogs. B2B brands can also collaborate with tech clients to integrate conversational tactics and platforms into their marketing plans. According to Drift, more than half of organisations using conversational sales solutions saw improvement in overall revenue growth.

Integrating intent and behavioural insights into the ABM marketing program can further help improve audience targeting. It can also help marketers generate high-quality leads as well as improve customer retention.

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