Top-of-funnel content helps drive leads

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March 22, 2021, 3:27 PM GMT+0

As organic content is more effective than paid ads, creating comprehensive and relatable top-of-funnel content can help marketers effectively reach potential buyers.

Businesses must create engaging top-of-funnel content to enhance their site visibility, improve search rankings, and effectively reach new audiences. By creating content addressing initial audience queries, marketers can drive more traffic to the site, encourage more people to bookmark the page and foster consumer trust.

Top-of-funnel content can also help marketers boost shares via DMs, forums, social media posts and comment sections. Prioritising top-of-funnel content can further help companies improve site-wide SEO. Effective top-funnel content can also help brands demonstrate their authority, knowledge and expertise.

Brands also get an opportunity to push clients towards the bottom of the sales funnel. To generate effective leads, marketers should make sure their content is comprehensive, relatable, nuanced, engaging, sensory and focused.

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