Company values drive brand purpose

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March 26, 2021, 3:59 AM GMT+0

Include the lowest possible level of leadership in decision making to ensure aspirational values and actual behaviour align.

As brands coped with COVID-19 related disruptions, their company values altered. Businesses leaders must leverage this opportunity to rethink their organisation’s purpose and transform new values to implement “on-the-ground” change.

Re-evaluating pre-conceived enterprise values like requiring employees to interact in person for work can help companies bridge the gap between their purpose and values that drive everyday decisions. Outlaying a baseline for ways to act and creating a starting point can help executive leaders guide employees and ensure the brand's values are upheld.

Inserting small, low-effort emotional changes like emphasising agility, known as cultural hacks, can help brands instil default behaviours that drive “on-the-ground” change. Assess the business purposes, implement small changes and ensure the brand’s actions reflect its values and mission.

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