Optimise content for local search 

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March 31, 2021, 4:59 PM GMT+0

Businesses targeting local audiences must align their content marketing efforts with that region’s language, culture and most-used search phrases. 

Content marketers must use localised keywords to reach their local target audiences effectively. Looking at content and social media analytics can help marketers identify valuable local keywords. Marketers can also conduct research, interviews and surveys to understand how a product and its values are perceived in specific markets. 

Creating a local buyer persona can further help marketers identify elements necessary for an effective local content marketing activity. While building buyer personas, marketers should consider user demographics, neighbourhoods, hopes, pain points and online behaviour. These insights can help brands optimise content for local search.  

Organisations should use native speakers to create original marketing content that addresses specific local user issues. It can also help ensure a consistent brand voice across countries and minimise the chances of misinterpretation. 

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