Use personalised video intros in emails

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March 31, 2021, 2:27 PM GMT+0

Personalised video introductions can help B2B marketers improve their email reply rates.

Personalised video intros are a relatively new concept and not used in scale yet. Capitalising on this strategy while still in infancy can give B2B marketers an edge over others. It can help marketers make prospects feel more connected.

Marketers can use tools like Sythesia to create personalised AI videos in seconds, where they can highlight the prospect’s business, their name and the problems. They can also create personalised images, showing the prospect’s website on a computer screen while pretending to give a team presentation.

Using personalised images, videos and messages can help improve email open rates. Marketers can also interact with the user on other social platforms to reduce stranger complexity, find a reference for conversation and motivate more users to respond to marketing emails.

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