Create unique landing pages for ads

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April 01, 2021, 2:21 AM GMT+0

Landing pages with optimised lead forms can help brands boost conversions.

To drive optimal results from campaigns and boost ROI, brands could create a unique landing page for each ad in a campaign. Unique landing pages ensure messaging consistency and help brands attract prospects and build trust.

Optimise the lead capturing form-fields via attribution tools to capture information like titles, company, and more, to make it less cumbersome for leads to download assets. However, if the lead capturing forms require more fields, offer value like unique gated content assets to persuade prospects to fill out the form.

Creating landing pages focused on the outcomes, rather than the technical aspects of the asset can help marketers better engage potential consumers. Deploy retargeting campaigns to reengage those leads that have already interacted with the brand to convince them to convert.

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