Brands should optimise Martech stack

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April 08, 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+0

Creating a sales development checklist can help companies optimise their Martech stack.

A Scott Brinker study found technologies available to marketing and sales functions have increased 13.6% to over 8,000 different tools while budgets are expected to decrease. Another Gartner study found only 58% of marketers report their tech stack are fully utilised.

Thus, companies need to analyse their development processes and create a sales development checklist to optimise their marketing stack. Companies should assess their existing environment and map their current channel performance. They should track conversion rates for each stage of the sales funnel.

Gathering an inventory of tools and mapping these tools at each stage of the funnel can help companies optimise their Martech stack. Companies should also document the sales development, review their training materials, and analyse their management practices. 

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