Start using zero-party data for targeting

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April 08, 2021, 5:46 PM GMT+0

Zero-party data refers to customer information that is intentionally and proactively shared directly by customers.

Studies show consumers are increasingly becoming concerned about data privacy. At the same time, consumers are also happy to receive ads and product offers matching their needs. These studies indicate that though customers want to engage with targeted ads, they want brands to respect their privacy.

To be better placed in a cookie-less world, brands must find new and better ways to provide personalised offerings. Leveraging zero-party can help companies target consumers more effectively than cookies, as this type of information is proactively submitted by consumers directly to the brand.

Zero-party data gives customers complete control over their data, enabling both transparency and personalisation.  Polls, quizzes, and surveys can help brands effectively collect zero-party data. A Forrester research found one in four CMOs would have adopted zero-party data capabilities by this year’s end.

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