Apple’s pre-ATT prompt can boost opt-ins

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April 09, 2021, 2:38 AM GMT+0

According to a recent survey by Apps Flyer, 41% of people activated app tracking on exposure to IDFA prompts, which is higher than industry estimates.

The up-front prompts will be shown on all iOS apps as part of Apple's IDFA update. This could lead to users turning off data monitoring, limit consumer testing opportunities, thereby affecting re-targeting metrics like purchasing behaviours, and disrupt ad attribution.

As a result, many advertisers have altered their strategies to plan for lower effectiveness and response rates from digital ads. However, with almost half of people letting apps track them, create pre-alert prompts and clarify how data is used.

To encourage opt-ins, app developers could follow Facebook's lead and alert users about data tracking in their apps. Apple's latest pre-"AppTrackingTransparency" (ATT) prompt allows brands to customise their own design, timing, and messaging and persuade users to opt-in.

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