Be native while creating Instagram reels

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April 12, 2021, 3:40 PM GMT+0

Instead of repurposing videos to Instagram reels, marketers should create native videos in the vertical format.

An Instagram survey found that users reported that Instagram reels repurposed or uploaded from sources outside of Instagram looked blurry. The watermarks placed on them from the other apps were distracting and made the overall user experience less enjoyable. Using native reels editing tools, music and video effects can help social content creators create engaging content and boost exposure.

Leveraging storytelling can help marketers keep viewers invested. Marketers should use Instagram reels to tell their complete story, achievements, and hurdles to better connect with audiences naturally. They can also use creative edits and transitions to boost engagement.

Content creators should also focus on viewers’ questions and use them to create content series. To further engagement, marketers should use clear CTAs and respond to audiences.

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