Use Quora to find relevant topics

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April 12, 2021, 4:31 PM GMT+0

Quora can help marketers find what people are talking about and what answers they are looking for in a particular industry.

Businesses can use Quora – a popular Q&A-based social platform – to gather SEO and exposure insights, necessary ingredients for interesting, relevant content. To effectively expand their user base, marketers should look beyond actual search queries and create content that answers related questions.

Companies should look for the “People Also Ask” section on Google search for specific queries matching their prospects’ pain points. They should use tools like Text Optimizer, Ahrefs or platforms like Quora to identify the most popular discussions on a chosen article topic and keywords.

Marketers can also create and embed videos in their blogs to boost engagement, enhance organic traffic and improve chances to show up on search results. Using clear CTAs and heatmaps can further help marketers push users towards conversion. 

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