First-party data can boost PPC ads

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April 13, 2021, 2:22 AM GMT+0

Create a lead capturing mechanism and ensure it is compliant with Google’s first-party data standards to optimise PPC campaigns without cookies.

As Google’s first major FLoC migration will begin in Q2 2021, preparing for the cookie-less world by evaluating PPC campaign strategies is recommended. With remarketing, vanity domains/brand-specific domains and personalised creatives will be significantly affected post-cookies, marketers must optimise for them.     

Remarketing in a post-cookie world will be transformed, and brands must gather first-party data like emails to effectively retarget consumers. This further helps businesses build prospects, trust and track users with consent.

Brands must collaborate their SEO and PPC efforts, as Google will only allow five domain per brand post-cookies. Both PPC and SEO have their own specific rules of engagement. To craft personalised creatives, leverage UTM parameters to attribute and customise landing page experiences and build trust without cookies.

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