Strengthen sustainability messaging

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April 13, 2021, 4:25 PM GMT+0

Brands should direct their marketing initiatives and communication activities towards sustainability to win more customers.

With 79% of customers changing purchase preference based on social or environmental impact, brands must strengthen their sustainability communication to retain customers. They should build their sustainability-related messaging on facts and proof. Businesses should connect with their sustainability team to understand the reality of their supply chain impact.

Though it might seem tempting to “polish” branded stories with exaggerated claims or unofficial green logos, companies should make sure their message is based on facts and evidence. They should prioritise areas where they can make the most significant difference. For instance, they can reduce carbon emissions by changing the packaging. 

Instead of waiting to achieve perfection, brands should communicate their progress. Companies must highlight and share their journey to sustainability with humility. To further customer acquisition and retention, brands should focus on purpose-led marketing.

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