Use popups to improve conversions

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April 13, 2021, 5:12 PM GMT+0

When used appropriately, popups can help enhance lead generation and drive more sales.

Ecommerce brands can use popups to attract user attention and improve conversions. They can add countdown timers to their popups as studies show popups with countdown timers convert users 8% more than those without timers.

Instead of showing popups instantly, brands should show popups eight seconds after a user visits their site. Showing popups in the very beginning can disrupt users’ browsing experience. To further conversions, marketers can use popups to offer value to website visitors. They can use popups to provide users with discount coupons, gifts or early access to new product launches.

Companies should make sure their lead-generation popup forms do not have more than three fields. Using imagery and animated elements in the popups can further help brands stand out among competitors.

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