Cookie-less future will strengthen Google

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April 14, 2021, 2:53 PM GMT+0

Google’s alternative to cookies will strengthen its control over the ad market but also provide marketers with a privacy-compliant way to target users. 

Marketing experts argue the cookie-less future will likely be similar to that of life with cookies as marketers have limited say in it. However, the demise of cookies will strengthen Google’s position and attract more ad dollars towards it.

A marketing leader anonymously said, “I highly doubt that this change is done purely to support the privacy topic and is disconnected from future profit streams that Google is anticipating.” Though marketers are supporting Google’s approach to privacy, they are not sure whether the alternative user-level identifiers will be completely effective.

Creating an open ecosystem that follows privacy norms can be a win-win for the tech conglomerate, advertisers and marketers. Marketers can ultimately use first-party data identifiers along with Google’s solutions from its Privacy Sandbox.

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