Make social media a safe space for kids

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April 14, 2021, 2:09 AM GMT+0

Building social media sites where users feel seen, heard and included would help brands connect with their audiences effectively.

Although people are critical of Facebook creating an Instagram for kids, brands can use social media sites to communicate with people. Businesses should utilise social media to communicate with real people in a time where these sites are used for instant gratification and validation.

As kids gain access to these sites, evaluating one's usage should be a priority. Platforms like TikTok, suggest content based on what users watch and whom they pay attention to, and more social media brands would benefit from taking a similar approach.

With companies like YouTube developing a safe environment for kids, metrics like watch time and comments have surfaced. Creating a welcoming environment for kids and making everyone feel seen and heard can improve consumer relationships offline and online.

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