Question keywords help rank high in SERP

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April 14, 2021, 2:10 AM GMT+0

Fact-driven blogs help content appear among featured snippets on Google’s SERP.

Brands must produce high-quality, original content designed to build expertise, establish a brand’s authority, and build trust to appear in featured snippets and boost SERP ranking. Blogposts containing more than eight subheadings and covering broad subjects are likely to appear in featured snippets.

To write blogs for featured snippets, conduct keyword research and pick search terms with high search volume, backlinks and low competition. Websites like help discover question keywords that produce featured snippets and address those questions in blogs.

Write the first few sentences to build a rapport with readers before introducing the content and explain how users' search questions will be addressed. Marketers must respond to the user's question in a single paragraph, ensure that it makes sense when read separately too, and use images wherever needed.

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