Use chatbots for acquiring customers

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April 14, 2021, 2:50 PM GMT+0

Chatbots can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, streamline interactions and enhance customer acquisition.

Studies show chatbots are more cost-effective compared to other alternatives and cut operational costs by around 30%. AI and machine learning-powered tools can encourage and accelerate customer acquisition by engaging with users and answering their questions in real-time. It continuously evolves itself while providing personalised solutions based on user interactions, automating re-engagement and scaling conversations.

Most users appreciate the instant answers from chatbots in urgent situations. Around 87% of consumers rate their typical chatbot experience as neutral or positive. Chatbots can also help brands collect valuable customer information necessary for effective customer acquisition.

Using chatbots can help brands be available 24/7 in any language. Businesses can integrate chatbots with other acquisition tools like CRM or Salesforce. But, they should assign one goal and clear CTAs for each chatbot.

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