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April 19, 2021, 5:44 AM GMT+0

Reduce spends on short-term performance metrics to focus on long-term brand building.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused digital marketers to rethink their ad spends and pause digital marketing campaigns. As a result, brands like Airbnb and Adidas reduced or redirected their ad spends away from short-term “performance” marketing KPIs or metrics like clicks or traffic, due to ineffective business outcomes.

While hyper-targeting and performance media through programmatic helped marketers scale ads reach with lower CPMs and drive clicks, some of the clicks were from bots. The article contends that scale from fake sites and users isn’t helpful and increases the cost for services like brand safety and viewability detection.

Digital marketers should invest their marketing budgets in real business outcomes like branding rather than easy-to-measure metrics like traffic and clicks. Investing in long-term outcomes like awareness can help brands grow without violating user privacy through cookies.

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