iOS update will disrupt travel  brands

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April 19, 2021, 5:27 PM GMT+0

With Apple rolling out its new privacy update, it could be challenging for travel brands to collect user data.

The iPhone manufacturer’s iOS latest update will affect all types of advertisers, but the travel sector will see the worst of it. The update will make it harder for travel companies to create effective targeted messaging based on user geography and demography.

With Google and other tech giants joining Apple in tightening privacy measures, travel brands may have less insight into which campaigns effectively drive bookings, especially when they desperately need to make money. While Big Travel will build their own comparable, first-party databases over time, but it could be challenging for small businesses in this sector.

However, they can still consider CTV, where travellers watch videos via streaming services. These streaming services allow brands to pitch messages to audiences based on consumer behaviour, interests and content consumption habits.

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