Facebook to launch social audio tools

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April 20, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

The social giant announced a suite of Clubhouse look-alike tools and Social Audio offerings to engage members in new ways.

Facebook is about to launch monetised live audio rooms along with advanced AI tools and native integration of podcasts over the coming months. The company has invested in audio technologies like speech-to-text and sound morphing to bring a professional sound studio in a user-friendly UI. 

With this update, the social platform aims to create audio stories using advanced AI technologies. Facebook’s Soundbites will provide a condensed and “snackable” version of long audio stories. The social platform will also start letting users listen to podcasts on the website.

The company is also slated to introduce Live Audio Rooms through Facebook Groups. Facebook further said they would make their suite of audio products accessible. The social giant would also offer monetisation models to attract more creators to the platforms.

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