Plan and prepare for Clubhouse rooms

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April 21, 2021, 5:13 PM GMT+0

Preparing in advance for live Clubhouse events can help create engaging discussions.

Instead of jumping into a Clubhouse room without any planning, event moderators must prepare and have several questions ready in advance. It can help moderators direct the discussion in the desired way and stay focused on the topic.

To effectively tackle unexpected, controversial or off-topic questions during live rooms, event moderators must create a backchannel with their co-moderators. A backchannel can help moderators quickly communicate and gather opinions from co-moderators without reflecting that in the live event.

Content moderators are likely to encounter many off-topic questions, but they must strategically steer the conversation back to the topic without offending the people asking questions. They must keep the room on the topic unless they want to risk losing listeners. Moderators should also set some ground rules to avoid letting anyone dominating the microphone.

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