Use positive testimonials to boost sales

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April 21, 2021, 11:09 AM GMT+0

A G2 Crowd-Heinz Marketing study found nine out of 10 consumers are likely to purchase after reading a positive review.

Though studies show positive customer testimonials can boost sales, only one in five companies are considering adding reviews to their marketing mix. Focusing on testimonials given by consumers who are relevant to the company’s market and products among others can help B2B brands influence their prospects.   

B2B companies should encourage more satisfied customers in their niche to post testimonials as prospective buyers are influenced by the names and titles they recognise. Creating a customer persona can help brands effectively address issues faced by their ideal customers.

Businesses should review their customer list, their problems and criteria to build up the buyer persona. Asking questions around consumers’ purchase journey, pain points and positive results can help brands gather persuasive testimonials and drive purchase decisions for buyers in the consideration stage.

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