Clubhouse beaten at its own game

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April 22, 2021, 4:32 PM GMT+0

Third-party apps are beating the $4 billion audio platform by providing monetisation solutions for its influencers.

After a long period of anticipation, Clubhouse finally announced its first monetisation feature for creators, allowing them to make money on the platform. However, Third-party apps like Clubmarket have already beaten the platform in providing these services.  

Clubmarket is a newly launched third-party app that facilitates deal-making between brands and influencers who create content on the app. It lets Clubhouse hosts monetise their content via paid partnerships with brands. Currently, Clubmarket is not affiliated with Clubhouse and uses emails and calls to connect brands with creators. It is also planning to roll out a marketplace in the coming week.

Clubmarket offers three types of sponsorship on Clubhouse, including branded rooms, shout-outs and co-hosting or interviews. In Contrast, Clubhouse’s monetisation feature only allows users to send money or tip creators on the app.

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