Build B2B relations with gated content

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April 26, 2021, 7:27 AM GMT+0

Creating gated content resources like ebooks, webinars and more can help businesses understand the needs of prospects and gather first-party data.

With the B2B purchasing process being complicated, brands should invest in specialised educational and insightful content aimed at specific accounts. Delivering value through educational and informative gated content can help the sales teams adjust conversations accordingly and build long-term B2B relationships.

As most clients prefer self-serve options, providing the information needed by them through gated content can drive purchase decisions. Although brands can provide all of the information required for potential clients through ungated content, having gated tools on the website can help marketers follow up with prospects.

However, brands must ensure the information being asked from clients doesn’t violate their privacy and isn’t irrelevant. Personalising the gated content information based on their client’s purchasing intent enables brands to create marketing messages.

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