Focus on short-term plans

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April 26, 2021, 5:35 PM GMT+0

With a volatile business environment, organisations will be better placed if they prioritise short-term plans over annual goals. 

COVID-19 pandemic has forced organisations to rethink their messaging strategy, offerings and marketing activities. Instead of committing to a traditional annual plan, companies should make short-term plans to stay relevant among their target audiences.

Companies should focus on making adjustments, introducing new initiatives and keeping a flexible budget. They should take steps to show that they understand the public's pain points. Organisations should try to make people's lives easier and bring them comfort or joy to stand out among competitors and win loyal customers. 

Making adjustments to support a cause or helping the society can help brands win customer trust and grow confidently. Businesses should be nimble and malleable around evolving customer needs. Being empathetic and sensitive to others' needs can help brands effectively communicate their messages to their prospects.

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