Prioritise customer care on social

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April 29, 2021, 6:20 PM GMT+0

Using Escalation management, which prioritises customer service concerns based on severity and ensures appropriate steps are taken, can help streamline CX.

Despite the recent ubitqiouness of Social Commerece, brands still struggle with providing good customer service on social Media. The sheer volume of messages can lead to serious issues being overlooked, bad press and ultimately lost business.

Brands should take up issues that involve customer’s finances – like unexpected charges, damaged goods or service interruptions – with utmost seriousness and address them first. If not addressed quickly these issues can lead to larger problems. Placating the customer at the first opportunity can stop bad feelings from lingering.

Escalation management’s usage extends beyond just damage control and can be used to boost sales. Being proactive about setting up demos for customers who are actively interested in the product can help them convert sooner.

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