Adopt "the three realities" model for PR

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May 03, 2021, 12:33 PM GMT+0

Leveraging “the three realities” can help communication experts ensure they have the right resources to be strategic advisors.

This piece argues audiences respond best to simple, straightforward messages. To create a message that resonates, PR professionals should apply “the three realities”, namely, “the real spot”, “the real situation” and “decisions based in reality.”

Instead of only relying on sales sheets and management inputs, communication experts should interview the ground-level staff like engineers, designers or sales professionals to better understand the actual scenario or “the real spot”. Asking plenty of relevant questions can lead to deeper discussions and valuable insights and information necessary for developing informed, strategic public relation plans.

PR officers should use these insights to create PR efforts that align with the brand’s goals and communicate what a brand cares about. However, communication experts should make sure they are honest about their claims.

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