Boost SEO using Clubhouse audio rooms

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May 04, 2021, 2:21 AM GMT+0

Hosting real-time audio discussions on Clubhouse can increase followers.

Clubhouse, the audio app, could help marketers develop successful audio campaigns and enhance digital marketing and SEO efforts. While the app is currently only available for iOS users, Clubhouse has grown significantly, and rivals audio channels like podcasts and radio.

However, Clubhouse is structured differently from other audio formats, as it enables users to share opinions on real-time events via audio. People on podcasts share on-demand audio discussions, and radio is more structured, whereas Clubhouse allows amateurs and professionals to host discussions in a less moderated space.

With features like virtual rooms and an upper limit of 5,000 people, brands can create clubs and share content on topics like sports and more. Brands could increase their following on Clubhouse by crafting content in their niche and engaging with the audience in a calm manner.

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