B2B's reliance on digital has grown

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May 05, 2021, 9:03 AM GMT+0

Business travel could go down as companies re-evaluate the value of face-to-face meetings.

With COVID-19 reshaping how businesses operate, many had to adapt new B2B marketing strategies to grow. B2B buyers now prefer digital channels as a point of contact between them and their suppliers/partners, as per a McKinsey report.

Moreover, digital channels like social media and search engine results pages have become the focal point for most businesses, as companies shift to online advertising. Due to travel restrictions amid COVID-19, virtual relationships have grown in significance and communication channels like Zoom and live chats have taken precedence.

Remote working is also on the rise, as companies are willing to hire people from extensive geographical areas, and this trend is likely to remain. Companies must implement new digital marketing strategies to connect with their prospects and build client relationships amid the pandemic.

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