B2B's future is omnichannel and digital

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May 05, 2021, 6:50 PM GMT+0

Digital interaction channels will continue playing an important role, even when in-person meetings and events come back.

A McKinsey study found around 70-80% of B2B buyers prefer remote human interactions and digital channels to an in-person meeting and have no plans to go back. Studies show marketers also are spending more on digital channels like display advertising and emails since the beginning of last year.

Nearly all B2B marketers rely on email for customer communication and marketing. Studies indicate email was the channel most likely to be added for customer retention since the pandemic began.

The investments are already paying off, with marketers reporting a notable increase in average order value. 29% of marketers are also seeing a higher volume of activity from clients and prospects throughout the day. The article states the future is bright for marketers who use a data-driven, tech-enabled omnichannel marketing approach.

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