Linear TV buyers must go for ad tech tax

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May 06, 2021, 1:13 PM GMT+0

Paying ad tech tax can help linear TV buyers reach CTV audiences, as cord-cutting rises.

As connected TV (CTV) grows, and linear TV buyers begin using programmatic to buy ad slots, they will be levied with “ad tech tax”. Ad tech tax is the sum of total costs linked with technology vendors and is imposed when programmatic buys take place.

With silos dissolving and many marketers using programmatic buys across CTV, the ad tech cost is expected to increase. Further, the ad tech tax assures safety, returns higher yields for publishers and networks and can help brands collaborate with ad tech players.

Embracing ad tech tax can help linear TV buyers target TV and digital audiences. Linear TV buying teams must note the ad tech tax costs are shared as both demand and supply side benefit from it.

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