Providing consistent CX can build bonds

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May 06, 2021, 5:43 PM GMT+0

Around 86% of consumers expect conversations with agents to move between multiple communication channels seamlessly.

Small businesses owners need to provide prospects with a seamless and consistent experience across social platforms to push them towards the bottom of the sales funnel effectively. Businesses should start by leveraging social media listening to integrate the social media strategy with an omnichannel approach.

Companies should monitor their brand mentions and conversations around their products and updates in their niche. They should use customer data and social listening insights to inform personalised brand messages. Using AI-powered omnichannel marketing platforms like Exponea can help companies consistently deliver personalised brand messages across multiple communication channels.

Using a CRM software like Zoho CRM can help organise data and tailor content according to buyer needs at each stage of the sales funnel. They can also leverage social commerce to improve the users’ shopping experiences.

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