Collect first-party data with data tools

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May 10, 2021, 4:52 AM GMT+0

Having transparent data approaches can help brands build trust and collect first-party data.

As third-party cookies and the existing support for it is phased out, the marketing and advertising ecosystem stands to get disrupted. To prepare for this, marketers should invest in first-party data acquisition strategies, in compliance with GDPR regulations and use tools like CRM.

Marketers can leverage alternatives like Google’s Privacy Sandbox and optimise marketing campaigns with innovative ads to collect user information first-hand. Automating marketing campaigns and using data management platforms enables brands to understand and build their audiences with trust and credibility.

Brands must have adequate expertise in how gathered data can be used in marketing strategies and use hyper-targeted and PPC ads to reach a wide audience. Develop a scalable environment that fulfils the customer’s needs and align content with consumers’ goals to enhance their experience.

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